Hi there! Welcome to Kind Love Beauty! This platform will be dedicated to you - to be KIND to yourself, to LOVE your body, and to have fun with BEAUTY! More often enough, we are very hard on ourselves and don’t appreciate our body or love our own skin enough. It’s okay to have flaws and we need to find ways to embrace them and think positively about them. It is so important to be KIND to yourself and think kindly of you. It is important to LOVE your body and love your every flaw, let them be the marks that defines your beauty. It is important to just have fun with BEAUTY and use the tools to enhance your beauty. I love encouraging others to feel beautiful in their own skin and this is why I wanted to create a platform to share beauty tips and reviews. 

When beauty is filled with love and kindness, everything is beautiful. Everyone’s beautiful is different. Everyone’s sexy is different. You define what beautiful means to you. You define what sexy means to you. Define it and own it. Be you. Be different. Be beautiful.

This is a blog for all things beauty from makeup, skin care, body care, hair care, and beauty tools & devices. My background is in microbiology and my passion lies within the beauty industry. With my interest in science and beauty, I love trying everything beauty related. I want to learn how the product works, what are the key ingredients that defines the product, why it works, and most importantly does it work.

You will definitely find me testing new skin care products, sharing my all time favorite makeup items & tips, trying new nail colors & designs and even new hair care products. Through my experiences, I want to share my thoughts and trial & errors with you. I hope we can teach each other beauty tips and share ideas along the way. 

Thank you for joining me on this new journey, it’s going to be an exciting ride!


Let’s kindly love our beauty!